Welcome and salutations!

I'm glad you made it!

In a fast paced technological world where communication is web based and texting is the new intimacy, I offer a personal touch. There’s more to it when getting to know someone than just sharing your various social media profiles. When I reach out to the world I use several types of hashtags (#milf #companion #mature #GFE #NewOrleans #Chicago #Eccie #P411 #Slixa #Switter #redhead) just to be noticed. Seems like a lot just to get a date. Giggle..

I grew up in a simpler time. Women didn’t shave their gardens and were content to be free and “all natural.” Boys called girls on the telephone and I always had some change in my pocket in case I needed to make a phone call at a pay phone. Imagine sitting down to watch television and the most interesting thing to watch was #BobRoss on PBS. Get the picture?

When a young man visits I must seem like some rare bird from the past. I envision it might be like spending time with #SusanSarandon when she was in her forties. I’m a red head with fair skin and kind eyes that are soft and warm, but weathered in a way because that’s what time does to a woman. I have a compassionate nature that I think was born in me. I believe in living and let live. Whom am I to judge anybody? For the men beyond the age of 35 I think you understand perfectly what an hour with me could do for you. Bring your “A” game and you will be rewarded. Yes Sir!

I have managed to create a personal service that is based on human connections. It’s not technology that built my client base, but my ability to make a gentleman feel safe and appreciated while he’s in my company. We have just a little time to share and I hope it will be a satisfying experience for us both. I enjoy what I do. I feel like I am a natural in some ways. I started my companion lifestyle about 4 years ago on a whim. I had been to a number of swingers parties and one night I just looked around and thought “I think I could do something like this full time.” I was right.

Take a moment and drink me in. My pictures tell the story. The rest is left up to your imagination.

Pretty women, at their mirrors, in their gardens, letter-writing, flower-picking, weather-watching, how they make a man sing! Proof of heaven as you’re living.
— Turnage/Sondheim - from the musical Sweeney Todd

Forget your troubles, and let Jilly give you a "Get Happy" massage.

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Let's get physical.

You boys can keep your virgins
give me hot old women in high heels
with asses that forgot to grow old.”
— Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell